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Welcome to Arte-Granite

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein

At Taaweel Composite Surfaces Pvt Ltd., we are inspired by this quote. We believe in moving ahead with a different thinking. We have moulded our thoughts into actions and there was borne our speciality and finesse in the craftsmanship of Arte Granite, a brand for innovative composite solid surface materials that goes well with any solid surface.

Taaweel Composite Surfaces is based in Hyderabad, India. Our specialization in the execution of solid surface work by speckles use of Arte Granite products reflects the next level of excellence in crafting solid surfaces. We have indigenized Arte Granite technology.

Perfectly made for Indian conditions, and crafted to last long, our Arte Granite products, designs and colours meet every designer’s aspiration. We meet in total the sensibility and sensitivity of each Indian client. Our commitment to continuous research, innovation and product development of Arte Granite composite solid surface products keeps us ahead of our competitors.

Taaweel Composite Surfaces' offers end-to-end composite solid surface services that include selection of right material for the specific purpose, production with individual requirement and installation of carefully produced Arte Granite products on site with time tested methods to deliver a perfect job.

Why to go for Arte Granite?

Arte-Granite, products we deliver to the end user for any surface requirement with 90% factory finish to suit their individual aspiration.

Arte-Granite, is a product of extremely durability is backed by one of the hardest material, unlike Acrylic Solid Surface which is soft by nature consisting of same material throughout its thickness. Arte-Granite, a smart combination of Solid Surface, Quartzite and More.

Our Products with Arte-Granite are suitable for widest possible range of applications Kitchen Counters, Dining Tabletops, Main Doors, Staircase Accessories, Washroom Claddings, Shower trays of any dimensions. Boundless applications still need to be discover.

Arte-Granite Kitchen Counters

Arte-Granite Kitchen Counters are dedicatedly manufactured incorporating all amenities and necessities required to make it a most user friendly.

Arte-Granite Kitchen Counters guarantees a real hygienic, charming and user friendly surfaces to use for a period beyond the imagination.

A real seamless integration of sinks from the casting itself assures perfect hygienic and maintenance free joints.

Choice of drain board designs, front edge and splash backs designs are the best options available to enhance the beauty of kitchen.

Our system of processing the order at all levels reflects the care we consider for our clients least possible seaming on site for negligible disturbance and use of power.

Arte-Granite Kitchen Counter are manufactured in two varieties.


We are pioneer in providing services for the solid surface user of any brand. All brands of Acrylic Solid Surface and jobs done by any fabricator can be refinished, repair or refurbish accordingly by our expert team. Matching of designs and shades are done by the experts of Arte-Granite technology. This will make us sure to get the nearest shade of the servicing product.

Every surface of any material require maintenance, nature Granite require resealing every 3 years to keep it non porous. Sealing and resealing of Natural Granite is not in common in India due to conventional practice and non availability of sealing materials.

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