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Arte-Granite is a vertically integrated technology; encompassing the selection of raw materials for the specific purpose, production with individual requirement and installation of carefully produced products on site’ with time tested methods to deliver a perfect job.

Solid Surfaces manufactured either of Synthetic Resin or Acrylic resin has been accepted all over the world as a viable alternative to Marble, Lamination, Wood and other natural options. This category matured with time and entered Indian market in the early years of this century targeting only the luxury segment due to its pricing and the global trend.

Thanks to the increased awareness, everyone wants this new generation of surfacing material in their lifestyle on a moderate price. Analysing the trend in 2005, ARTE GRANITE has been developed and started serving the end users on a moderate pricing with their individual requirement.

Specifically formulated materials leads to generate variety of shades, designs and recognised applications for ARTE GRANITE products in varied application of interior industries leaving behind the possible applications of other surfacing materials viz: Acrylic Solid Surface, Italian Marble and Granites.

In Arte Granite, we care about the structural integrity of the part or product and provide reinforcement if required during production process. Reinforcing with metal, wood, fibres of different types including carbon fibre.

Arte Granite does not rely on a single material for all types of application. Kitchen Countertops, Staircase Railing, Steps, Washroom Accessories all have different materials and processing. Decorative applications have different material with a lot more options than any surfacing material available in the market.

Designers can find real versatility with Arte Granite products, they can design any shape of any size, they can ask for embedment of Mother pearl, Colourful pebbles or chips in individual products, they can ask any type and design of Inlays.

We are equipped to develop and offer unique solutions of Solid Surface for the designer’s choice to suit the taste of exceptional clients.

All available surfacing materials need to cut, join or thermoform to get the desirable shape, however the end product will have risky or visible joints or may lose its self-strength during the process but Arte Granite delivers a product surpassing all these eventualities as a single moulded product.

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